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Success at the beer festival!

Success at the beer festival!

PINTS, pies and a perfect sunny day were on the menu at the third Old Town Beer Festival on Saturday. The annual event, held at Christ Church in Old Town featured a range of West Country beers and ciders for visitors to sample with pies, also on offer, courtesy of Wilson’s butchers and Indian food from Biplob restaurant also available.

Visitors to the beer bonanza sipped their pints in style from complimentary chalices. There was also a raffle with the winner receiving a handmade leather tankard.

There were 650 tickets sold in advance of the event with all proceeds going to the church. They aimed to raise around £5,000 through the festivities.

Festival organiser Gareth Hutchinson, 31, from Old Town, said he had personally researched the best brews to ensure the event was a success. There were 48 varieties of beer and cider available.

The festival had a diverse range of drinks on offer –including tropical mango cider and bitter beer Tunnel Vision from the Wiltshire’s Box Steam Brewery. Gareth said: “It’s going well so far. People are enjoying the beers I selected, which took a lot of research to get it all together.

"It’s nice to do the festival in a community hub like the church and we’re hoping it will raise at least £5,000 which will go straight back into church and benefits the community.”

The day was full of bubbly cheer as friends and families came to enjoy the sunshine-filled Saturday afternoon. James and Bob Bryant from Westcott and Stratton were enjoying a father and son day out at the festival.

They were fans of the fine array of beers and ciders on offer and enjoyed a pint of Milky Way, a blonde wheat beer with hints of honey and banana.

James said: “It’s the first time we’ve been here and it’s brilliant to experience something like this that’s different in Swindon. "There’s a great atmosphere here, I’ve never seen anything quite like it before with all the different ciders and beers.”

Robert Buckland, South Swindon MP, opened the event and said he was enjoying some downtime after the general election. He sampled a drink from his native Wales with his tipple of choice being the Dark Age pint, made by Caerphilly Brewers The Celt Experience.

Robert said: “I’m enjoying today and this beer has a rich fullness to it that’s very enjoyable. “It’s great to have this festival at the church, in the heart of the community that the whole community can come to and enjoy in Old Town.

“The micro-breweries that supply the festival are all local too so the economy is benefiting and we’re helping support them which is fantastic.”

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Published on 18 May 2015.
Last edited on 25 May 2015.
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